Radish Sperm and Picasso Infertility


You’d think after so many years of not being in the thick of infertility cycles my brain would not think in terms of fertility during the course of normal tasks.

Today, cutting up a batch of radish, the little sperm like tails and large heads had me reminiscing about the days I spent visualizing at least one of my small batch of mostly deformed boys getting the job done one of our cycles.

Then a Picasso quote about the meaning of life got me thinking about how the purpose of our life can shift on a dime when we are faced with infertility.

The quote is pretty simple:

The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.

In my pinball ‘meaning of life relates back to infertility in some way’ mode of thinking, the meaning of a very big part of my life was to help bring biological life made from Lisa and I into this world.

Now that the meaning of my life has been here for nearly 11 years, the purpose of life is certainly not to give that life away (although that may come to pass when some nice young man marries my daughter way off in the very distant future).

I realized that a big purpose of my life is to continue to give away as much information about how Lisa and I found that gift through this blog and through the book, and provide support to as many people as I’m capable of reaching so they can find their ‘gift’.

It’s the old Zig Ziglar quote come to life: you’ll get what you want to in your life, by helping as many other people as you can get what they want.

That works for me.

Or maybe I need some medication.

Have a great Saturday!






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