Lisa’s Corner

Anyone who has gone through infertility knows there are two sides to every story.  The woman’s point of view on all things related to infertility has been written about extensively.

What I haven’t seen is a back-and-forth about topics that cover a man’s perspective, with a woman’s view provided at the same time.

We found this worked well in our couples support groups. It showed how easily misunderstandings and confusion can come from the difference between how men and women approach fertility-related topics.

The pain of infertility still follows us even now that we have a child.  Questions like “so you only had one?” trigger the same hostility we felt when people asked “so when are you going to have kids?” when we were trying for just a positive pregnancy test.

Lisa’s passion to bring Elliana into our world is only matched by her passion to provide as much for her now that she’s here. She recently expanded her supportive parenting role when she was elected President of the Beacon Parent’s Association in New York City.

Now she has me calling her Madame President and advocating for kids from all over the world.

She also is the owner of her own company — Simpatico Mind Body — helping women find the inside their outside always wanted. If you want to know more about that incredible adventure, click on her company link.

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