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Putting It All On The Line–Day 1

If you really want to go after your vision of anything–including a child, you have to be willing to put it all on the line.

I know this goes in the face of wisdom and is often the reason people have unrealistic expectations of what they can really do, what their resources are to do it, and the odds of a positive outcome.

Yet that is the epitome of what an IVF is.

I find our infertility journey continues to be metaphor for the hardship we face in life that makes us ‘go forward or go home’.

Safe and secure is really not an option is it?

Taking the calculated risk still involves…well…risk.

But doing the same thing and expecting different results is a soul smothering, spirit sucking place of lukewarm minimal action that can keep you paralyzed for years.

And time is never on your side the longer you stay in that same place and never leave it.

Time is leaving you whether stand still or try to keep up with it.

It doesn’t care where you’ve been.

It has no interest in where you are going.

It it is always moving.

So keep moving.

Put it all on the line.

You can recover from set backs in careers, and money, and education.

But you can’t recover from the regret of not having taken action on a biological clock that keeps ticking whether you are running the race against it or not.




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