About Denny Ceizyk


I was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, on July 3, 1966, but have spent most of my subsequent birthdays in the oven-baking desert of Tucson, Arizona.  Of course that all ended recently when we uprooted our life to move to the Big Apple…but more on that in a bit.

I was a prolific daydreamer in school, often playing out scenes in my head using my aspiring superhero powers when I should have been improving on my math and grammar. I even thought when I was nine that if I held my arms and legs in a certain running position, I would turn into the Six Million Dollar Man.

My sophomore year in in high school was when I began to put my thoughts onto paper. By then, they were the words of an angst-filled teenager still unsure whether a girl would like him now that the braces were off, the hair was combed, and the acne had cleared up. My inability to actually speak to girls made writing my only opportunity to carry on those conversations with any semblance of ‘cool.’

A fluke audition for choir in junior high was a game changer for me.  Puberty gifted me with a low voice that matched Elvis’ so closely that, for the rest of my high school career, some college, and a New York City Broadway audition later, I was a much more outgoing, confident, and creative version of my former self.

When imitating other singers began to wear thin, writing my own material became my passion.  That music led me to a fateful rehearsal where I met the beautiful, long-legged woman that would inspire me to chase my dreams in the asphalt jungles of New York City.  I knew Lisa Kopydlowski would become my soul mate from the first time I talked to her. Our life together has inspired screenplays that were read in front of audiences in college, songs that were featured on Nashville’s hallowed songwriting stages, and a story about our journey through the maze of medically assisted baby-making that landed us on the CBS Early Show and launched my book-writing career with the publication of Almost A Father; A Male Infertility Memoir; A Story About My Soulmate, Our Soulbaby, and the Music In Between.

My hope is to provide as much support to current and aspiring fertility challenged parents as I can, and advocate on their behalf to make sure their path to medically assisted parenthood is a little bit easier than the one we took.

Living in New York City, I hope to expand my outreach to the infertility community, watch my formerly frozen embryo play gigs in NYC, and maybe jump up on stage with a song or two about sperm samples and ultrasound wands…or not..