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Resolve: Bust A Myth #1 Men & Infertility: The Expanded Version

I apologize for the long hiatus.

I wanted to do an expanded version of myth #1 “There’s Nothing Wrong With My Boys”.

This myth comes (IMO) comes from years of guys defending their manhood in the locker rooms growing up, never even pondering the fact that their size or alleged performance skills have little to nothing to do with their ability to make a baby.

It never really creeps into the average guys brain that their “boys” might not be up to the task of doing their biologically intended job.  A little fact check on Resolve or any other side reveals the truth that in almost 1/2 the cases of fertility, a man’s ‘boys’ may contribute to the inability to get pregnant.

The good news, is more than half the time, everything should work fine.

I’ll be the first to admit the first sperm sample is the worst.  If you’re lucky, you can just take care of business at home, and bring it in to the clinic in a paper bag, pretending your a lunch delivery boy with a quick wink and nod at the sperm reception personnel of the infertility clinic.

Things have changed a lot since I had to provide my first sample in the public bathroom of a public clinic under the duress of construction workers finishing a new office constantly working the door while I tried to get my sample going.

In fertility clinics today, there’s a private bathroom with ample reading material and possibly video selections to help the situation along.  And honestly, the 15 minutes spent getting medical confirmation that your “boys” is nothing compared to what your wife is going to be going through.

It is really not that big a deal and it will save the angst of finding out there are sperm problems when in the middle of a cycle after spending thousands of dollars on drugs and ultra sounds.