Monthly Archives: August 2010

Hello aspiring fathers!

Ok–a fertility blog written by a guy.  Really? 

 I have to confess that when I first learned that my wife and I would need to go to a doctor to conceive, it was a huge blow to my ego.  Matters were only made worse when I learned that I had to sperm count of someone exposed to high doses of nuclear radiation.

Funny thing is, that entire experience actually defined the man I am, and has made me a better man, a more attentive husband, and a very involved father.

 I guess 6 years, $70,000, 4 fertility doctors, 11 embryo transfers, 4 IVFs, 3 miscarriages and 2 trips across country in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 will either make or break you.  

And the amazing thing is, the entire experience never could have happened if it weren’t for the unwavering courage of my wife’s desire to see my eyes in our now 7 year old daughter, Elliana.

I hope to provide the words that guys want to say but can’t, or provide the thoughts and views that their wives want to know, but never hear. 

I hope to help the eight to ten million couples that will face fertility in the next year navigate the emotional, spiritual, financial and marital landmines that will characterize the world of assisted reproduction.