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Resolve Bust A Myth: Men And Infertility

The passionate folks at Resolve asked me to contribute to their “Bust A Myth” initiative to create awareness about infertility, so the next 6 weeks,  I will provide the myth buster of the week, along with a follow up for each one that provides more details about how that myth felt like a reality, but how Lisa and I ultimately found a way to “bust it”. You can see all 6 busted myths at:

Myth: “This is ‘her’ problem—I don’t need to be an active participant.”

Busted!: Having a baby, whether it is the result of GOFI (good old fashioned intercourse) or with the help of a reproductive doctor can be one of the most intimate, connecting experiences a couple has.

The Hollywood image of a magical night of lovemaking yielding a positive pee stick result is simply replaced by an extra squeeze of your wife’s hand during an ultrasound, a quick breakfast date and kiss before the morning blood draw, and an extra long hug after an embryo transfer.

When your wife is stressed out waiting for the results of that pregnancy test you can field the insurance questions, be attentive to her preoccupation with whether “this time” a baby is growing inside of her, and be a shoulder to cry on if the pregnancy results come back with a “big fat negative.”

Of course, it might not be just “her problem”, which brings us to the next myth…

Where The Infertility Challenged Fatherhood Journey Begins

For me, it started with a nagging pull at my ego when my wife, Lisa, came home month after month with a bag of groceries that included maxipads rather than an EPT.   Then there was the whispered chatter between Lisa and my mother-in-law as they discussed in far too much detail upcoming tests to evaluate the child bearing efficiency of the uterus, fallopian… Continue Reading