Faith And Little Grandma

Put your nose into the Bible everyday.

It is your spiritual food.

And then share it.

Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian

Kirk Cameron

This quote describes my memories of my little Grandma.

Last night we celebrated the memories she blessed us with or told us about during her 104 year life.

Every memory I have involved her commitment to the sharing of her faith in God.

Her 4 foot 11 frame held the spiritual presence of a giant, tackling tragedies in her life with the grace and poise of someone who truly knew the staircase would be there every time she took a step into the unknown.

There was nothing lukewarm about her as a Christian–she never even had to take the vow–she lived it every day by example, and with everyone she met.

I am so glad that I grew up with her in a bedroom extension by the kitchen that she lived in with us from elementary school until after I graduated high school.

Our late night conversations about God and early morning laughter while she made the perfect sunnyside up egg on a piece of lightly buttered toast gave the me the perfect end or perfect beginning to many days in my life.

I miss you little Grandma.

Your words of faith warm my spirit and soul every time I think of you.

Have a blessed Sunday.



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