Walking With An Infertility Limp

I came across an article today that referred to the story of Jacob in the Bible and how he walked with a limp after wrestling with an Angel of the Lord.

Despite the limp, Jacob kept his faith, and was ultimately blessed for that faith.

He overcame his imperfection, and contended with not just man, but with God to the gain that blessing.

In much the same way, we often end up with a limp after wrestling with infertility.

It can give us an emotional limp, a physical limp, a financial limp.

If we prevail, the limp simply becomes a battle scar.

A reminder of the courage and tenacity it took to come back and fight another day.

The key is to work through the pain.

Overcome the hurt that will radiate from the limp.

Be determined to be blessed.

It may take a lot of wrestling matches with infertility.

But it will be worth it.




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