The Reason I’m Going to Advocacy Day May 14th

I could list a million reasons I’m going to Washington DC this week.

The causes we are advocating for could be game changers for the aspiring parents of this country who need medical help to have children, the veterans who have served us and were wounded to the point where they need fertility assistance, or the adoptive parents that deserve some extra financial relief for their parenthood efforts.

I’ve always heard the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I’ll amend that to say, a picture of a love letter written by a child is worth a lifetime of memories.

Elliana wrote this four or five years ago.

Lisa keeps this simple love letter by her bedside–the love letter of a child who understands how much she was and is wanted.

And a reminder to that child’s mother of just how worth it was to go through 6 years of infertility hell on earth to get there.

Every parent aspiring for a child deserves to have a letter like this on their bed stand some day.

This letter is why I’ll be in Washington, DC next week.


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