Anything Is Possible: Infertility Inspiration


I modified this from my Blue Mountain Calendar to be more infertility oriented–credit goes to Susan Polis Schutz for the original thoughts, words and structure.

You must choose your goals carefully in your infertility journey

Know what you want

and what you do not want

Be critical of the facts about your fertility challenges,

but search inside yourself for your own truth

Choose a doctor or clinic that makes you feel welcomed and safe,

but be prepared to question anything that doesn’t seem right

Believe that this pursuit if worth everything you are physically and mentally

Be honest with people

help them understand what you are going through if you can

but don’t depend on anyone

to make your life easy

or happy for you

Only you can do that for yourself

Strive to achieve your parenthood with all your heart

Find happiness in everything you do–even the things that haven’t resulted in a positive beta

Love with your entire being

Make a triumph

of every aspect of your journey

knowing that in your life

You deserve the

best life has to offer


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