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Slipping Off The Despair Cliff

Some days just suck don’t they?

You put every ounce of effort, heart and soul into something and the universe says ‘piss off’.

Throws up another obstacle, or challenge, or worry that you just didn’t need to deal with right now.

On days like that it is so tempting to stay up on that cliff of despair, afraid to jump off back into the unknown blackness of faith.

WTF else could I do?

I learned during infertility that those are the days to jump off that ledge.

Dive head first and trust that something is going to catch you before you splatter all over the ground thousands of feet below.

Maybe a tree of insight or knowledge will break your fall.

Maybe you’ll break every bone in your body, but still be able to heal and cope and move forward after the fall.

Or maybe at the end of the fall, there is a cool, refreshing splash of rejuvenation and clarity that will guide you in the direction you’re supposed to go next.

Who the hell knows.

All you can do is take that fall–because you won’t know what’s at the bottom until you do.



Faith And Little Grandma

Put your nose into the Bible everyday. It is your spiritual food. And then share it. Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian Kirk Cameron This quote describes my memories of my little Grandma. Last night we celebrated the memories she blessed us with or told us about during her 104 year life.… Continue Reading