Some People Just Won’t Get It


As our family has continued to grow as a ‘clean eating fitness seeking’ family, I’ve come to realize, some people just aren’t going to get it.

No matter how much I tell them the amazing benefits and transformation we’ve gone through, some people find a way to minimize it or say ‘not everyone is so lucky.’

There is nothing about the past year that has involved luck.

Eating clean is a choice.

Cross fit and exercise six days a week is a choice.

Getting rid of all the crap in the pantry and not refilling it is a choice.

Not going to events where there could be a trigger that tempts us to go back to the days when we were fatter, on medications for health issues, and much more sedentary is a choice.

And some people just won’t get it.

The same is true of seeking out infertility treatments.

Many people just didn’t understand why we were going to such lengths to have a baby.

Why couldn’t we just accept that God had dealt us this reproductive hand, and find peace with it?

Why couldn’t we stop after one IVF and say ‘yeah, that’s enough.  We’re good.’

Why couldn’t we just relax/adopt/take the focus off, __________ fill in the blank with whatever inane word that follows ‘just’ that the ‘don’t get its’ say.

It’s quite simple.

It’s our choice, dammit.

Seeking out parenthood with an infertility doctor’s help is a choice.

Spending hard earning money on medical treatments that have a 50/50 best case chance of working is a choice.

Not going to events that would trigger us to feel hopeless and more childless than ever when we were at our weakest emotionally and spiritually was a choice.

I find that the people who ‘don’t get it, for the most part are ones who don’t like battles or confrontation in their lives.

Yet they are often the same ones who complain about how ‘nothing ever changes’ in their lives.

I’ll take the battle.

The confrontations help us keep our edge, deepen our resolve.

If we had listened to the ‘don’t get its’ we wouldn’t have our daughter.

If we listened to the ‘don’t get its’ we wouldn’t be in the best family health of our lives.

The truth is, the don’t get its, don’t get IT.

They don’t get their dream life, dream job, dream weight, dream whatever, because they don’t want to ‘get it.’

Or maybe they don’t want to go AFTER it with the tenacity, perseverance and passion that is required to truly make the most life.

So if you want it, ignore the ‘don’t get its.”

They aren’t worth the energy.





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  1. Thanks for the timely blog entry. This is what I need to have someone say especially after my doctor appointment yesterday where my count was another big fat zero. I will continue the fight and ignore the “don’t get it” crowd, albeit with much less optimism. At this moment, I feel hopeless and fear my dreams of having a biological child are slipping away.

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