Giving Thanks for Infertility

It may seem like the most counterintuitive to do, especially if you are in the depths of despair about where your infertility journey is leading you.

But give thanks for your infertility.

I can speak from the relative comfort of hindsight, being more than a decade past those dark moments of dread when a holiday season hit in full force with Thanksgiving reminding us that we would not be taking any ‘you and me and baby makes three’ photos.

Give thanks because you have the strength to keep going. There are people who understand. You are reading the words of one who understands. One who experienced the failure of every single medical procedure known to medical science. Again. And again.

You will meet or probably have met some of the most emotionally courageous people you will ever meet. They long for or longed for what you currently seek, and they climbed the mountain of hope every month, every cycle knowing that at some point they would reach the mountain top that would reveal the path to their dream baby.

I can’t tell you how you will do it. How it will happen.

But when it does, you will give thanks for your infertility again. Thanks that you didn’t give up, didn’t back down, didn’t listen to any of the ridiculous advice that was thrown your way by people who couldn’t possibly understand the depth of desire you have, or the pain you’ve felt, or the emptiness that is screaming in your soul every month a cycle doesn’t produce your precious miracle.

Be thankful for the pain. It will drive you.

Be thankful for the scars on your heart. They will define your character and make you stronger.

Be thankful for the failures. They will make the success that much sweeter.

Be thankful for your infertility.

Pray believing—thanking God–that this path is leading you exactly where it is supposed to: right into the arms of the dream baby that is waiting for you.

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