Full Moon and Winds of Change

It was a gorgeous day today–a little cloud cover and a fall-ish wind was blowing all day.

It feels like a wind of change.

Not sure how to explain that but when you’ve been through hard times in your life, and you’ve scraped along the bottom for spell, you feel this breeze suddenly pick you up if you keep fighting for higher ground.

The key is to keep moving.

If you stay in one spot to long, you’re not likely to feel that wind.

You turn, you run, you jump, you kick, you scream you shout, but you keep moving.

Then the wind hits you, and in it you hear a whisper.

The familiar sound of a voice that says everything will be okay.

Better times are ahead.

Anyone who has been through infertility has undoubtedly felt this wind of change if you kept moving through all the dry, hot days.

Then there is the moon tonight.

It shines like a beacon of hope in an otherwise ominous dark night.

A reminder that sun is still shining.

Tonight it seems to be shining brighter than normal.

It looks really big in the sky.

Like a sign of hope that is breaking through the dark and reminding you that your faith is still working.

You may not see the sun lighting up that moon, but you know it’s out there.

I’ve always loved full moons.

I often find myself drawn to go outside and talk to God on nights like tonight.

I don’t know why I feel so connected to my spiritual self when the air is cool and moon is bright.

Maybe it’s because I know that moon is just a reminder of the light that reflects on us even in the darkness.

The light is always there.

We just don’t always have something like the moon to remind us it’s there.









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