Elvis And Answered Prayers

For the past several months I’ve been doing some serious praying.

Tonight, two of the prayers on that prayer list were answered.

We celebrated the completion of chemo for Lisa’s mom, Chris.

It was wonderful to see the glow in her smile.

You’d never know she’d been through months of chemo the way she smiles and laughs.

I realized where Lisa’s deep strength and resolve comes from.

I see that same strength and resolve in Elliana.

We are so blessed to have Chris in our lives.

One prayer answered.

Quite unexpectedly, another one was answered tonight.

I’ve been praying for an opportunity to get back to my musical roots for a few months now. Elliana is always talking about how she doesn’t know that part of me, and how sad she is that I never sing anymore.

I’ve felt out of balance with so much work in the mortgage business, and have been hoping to find a way back to a part of me I’ve been ignoring–performing.

A tap on the shoulder from Chris and a puppy-eyed request later, I was rehearsing to youtube Elvis tunes in the bathroom.  Apparently word got out that I used to do an Elvis impersonation, so I had my first request for a command performance in quite a few years.

Minutes later, Elvis was in the room, and laughter, celebration and joy followed.

Since I know that Chris reads these posts and often ends up in tears, I promised Lisa’s dad, Jerry, that I would throw something funny in here.

So in the spirit of our keeping my promise and to honor our Polish heritage, here is something to keep the tears from flowing, and keep the laughter and joy going:

Q Did you hear about the Polack who thought his wife was trying to kill him?

A. On her dressing table he found a bottle of “Polish Remover”.

Q. Why do Polish names end in ‘ski’?

A. Because they can’t spell tobaggan.






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