Don’t Get Mad–Just Believe

I used to live by the old “don’t get mad, get even” mantra.

It is so much easier than turning the other cheek, staying calm, or taking the higher ground.

The truth is at some point in life and infertility, the person you love is likely going to say something that tears you down to your core.

And you are likely to do the same to them.

It’s has nothing to do with how much they do or don’t love you.

It comes from a place of pain



You have one of two choices when those words hit you.

Immediately hit back.

Or believe that the words in that moment just need to be absorbed .

Listened to for what they are.

A cry for help.

When someone cries for help, you don’t lash out at them.

You don’t fight back.

You don’t curse them or try to make them see things your way.

You love them.

You hold them.

You believe in a day when this moment will pass and these words will no longer sting.

So my mantra is simple when someone you love cuts you to the core, and you feel that cauldron of anger bubbling over:

Don’t get mad.

Just believe that this moment will pass.

Believe that the love between you is still strong enough to survive this and thrive down the road.

Faith is believing something you haven’t seen.

The healing will come.

The echo of the words will fade.

Don’t get mad.

Just believe a better moment, a better day, a better month, a better year, a better life–is still within your reach.




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