Be Grateful For Moments Of Peace

Peace is hard to come by during infertility.

I guess maybe even in life in general if you really think about it.

I had a very hard time being grateful for anything at one point in our infertility journey.

It was draining our bank account.

Draining our physical energy.

Draining our emotional energy.

Draining our faith and hope.

When we went to the Harvard Mind Body Relaxation workshop we learned about being mindful.

In non touchy feely words that just means you actually clear your mind of…well…everything.

Listen to the sound of inhaling.

Then to the sound of exhaling.

I always wondered why relaxation tapes feature the sound of the ocean so often.

Now I realize it’s because it mimics the sound of breathing.

The rhythmic, measured sound of the waves coming in and going out is very much like our breath coming in and going out.

Focusing a few minutes on that, and other thoughts begin to leave your mind.

It’s amazing.

I remember at one point being able to shut out a mall full of screaming kids, an Easter egg hunt filled with screaming kids…and so many other moments of infertility anguish causing backgrounds…simply by finding the simple peace of breath focused relaxation.

Those moments refill the emotional reserves.

Refill the reserves of hope and faith.

Be grateful for those moments of peace.

You’ll need every one you can get to make it through infertility in one emotional, spiritual and physical piece…or peace.


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