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If You Hit A Wall, Hit Back


Today was a day when I hit a brick wall everywhere I turned.

Yeah, I’m in the mortgage business in the most heavily regulated environment that has ever existed, where customers and everyone involved in a transaction is suspected of some impropriety when it comes to getting a home mortgage.

I could have backed down.

Decided the wall was too big.

But I got out  sledgehammer instead.

Started beating around the edges.

The I got a shovel and started testing the foundation.

Pieces came apart.

The brick wall began to falter.

Progress was made.

I learned to hit back in the days of our infertility.

Those days when it feels like a freakin’ brick wall is in your way, you are going to have to make a decision.

Turn away and decide that you can’t get past it.

That this is it and that wall is inpenetrable.

Or get a rope and climb over it.

Get a shovel and dig under it

Get a Howitzer and blow it apart.

I can guarantee you, what’s waiting on the other side, is worth the fight.