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Eliminate the “T” Word From Your Vocabulary

Elliana is starting to learn about curse words, and usually she refers to them with reference to the first letter.

She got worked up one time and accused me of using the “S” word.

I was pretty certain I hadn’t done that, when she informed me in a hushed whisper that the curse word she was referring to was “stupid”.

As she moves on into her double digit years, she is adding letters to those curse words, some, unfortunately because of how good her hearing is from her bedroom when she should be sleeping and Lisa and I are ruminating on the day’s events with less than dignified choices of words.

There is one word that SHOULD be considered a curse word and simply eliminated from our vocabulary.


It is such a small, weak word.

It almost has a whine in it like “why?”

There is never any need for this word.

You either do.

Or you do not.

There is no try.

Yes-that is a direct Yoda quote, but it is so true nowadays.

We try to lose weight.

But the truth is, we lose it.

Or we don’t.

We try to get a job.

Truth-we get a new one.  Or we don’t.

We try to have a baby.

Nope-again–we do or do not.

The problem with trying in my opinion is it always gives you an out.

“Well, I tried” sounds more comforting than “I didn’t do it”.

Or I did it and failed, and don’t want to do it again because I don’t like failing.

You either keep taking action to get/do/achieve what you want.

Or you stop taking action and move on to another path, or abandon the path because it’s too damn hard.

Whatever you do, ditch the “T” word.

Do or do not.

It’s a much more honest approach to every decision you have to make.