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When The Heat Stops Bothering You

Everybody’s talking about the heat wave we’re having today.

Normally I’d be having a never ending gripe fest about how I hate living here, how the heat is ridiculous, and how I’m avoiding going out anywhere until the monsoons arrive with the promise of at least knocking the thermometer down a few notches on the heat miser’s bake fest.

Only it’s not bothering me.

I was out and about all day.

Started at 7am with a trip to get our organic coop basket of fruits and vegetables at a nearby elementary school.

Down  to the emissions to get the truck registered.

Had a killer metabolic meltdown work out at Alive gym.

Then got my father’s day massage.

A trip to Choice Greens with Elliana.

Then dropped her off at dance and then tires at Costco for 3 hours.

I noticed the car temp was always in the hundred-teens when I got in, but I wasn’t complaining.

I didn’t even break a sweat, and Elliana wasn’t complaining either.

Somehow, we’ve gotten conditioned to the heat to the point that it doesn’t even bother us.

We need to get things done, we get them done, no matter how blast furnace the heat is, how long it takes the air conditioning to drop the temps to under 80 degrees, or how many times we burn our hands on the interior leather of the car getting in and out of it.

The same thing happened to us before we went to New Jersey for that last IVF.

The money, the travel, the hotel away from home, the rigid schedule and protocol, the drug purchases, the new reports with all the post 9/11 news footage–we could feel the ‘heat’ of all those things bubbling under the surface, but we were undaunted.

Maybe you know that you’ve come to a new level of resoluteness when you can feel the heat, but you can live with it.

Not just live with it, but accept it without complaint, knowing it’s just one of many seasons you encounter every year.

If you get through the season of heat, then you can take the temperatures that cool in fall.

Brave the chill in the air in winter.

Then hopefully, all that endurance and persistence pays off when you finally have a blossom in your springtime.