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Hasta La Vista, Arizona Anti-Baby Making Bill!!!

Hasta La Vista, SB 1376
Hasta La Vista, SB 1376


I got some great news from Resolve today about the Arizona Senate Bill 1376:


If it is not voted on by the Senate, it will die and not move through the legislative process this season.

This is all great news, but like Arnold in Terminator 2 when the liquid terminator was frozen by the tanker truck full of liquid hydrogen –we have to be vigilant in the event this one thaws out and comes back to life (sorry, I’m in an action movie mindset again today).

The Current State of SB 1376
The Current State of SB 1376

So what next?

First, a word of heartfelt thanks to the infertility clinics that spoke out against the bill.  It is good to know that professionals within the infertility industry are aware of these bills, and have such passionate and well spoken defenses against them.

Second, thanks to Resolve for continuing to make the infertility community aware with the never ending reminders and emails to make sure the protests are as loud and frequent as possible when these bills come along.

Besides coming up with a victory dance for the Walk of Hope 2013 next Saturday, I’m drafting letters of thanks to the Arizona Senators who found the wisdom or empathy to realize that this bill was anti-family, and simply bad for Arizona.

This has renewed my faith that politicians are capable of at least stepping back and slowing down long enough to look at the potential consequences of an “Embryo Tracking” bill.

As a party that is often a proponent of the right to life, it is not too much of a stretch to say that the decision to hold off on a vote is at least a passive vote to protect the right of infertility patients to continue their medically assisted efforts to bring life into their worlds.