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Respecting Other’s Property

I spent the day today cleaning cat pee stains, dried coke splatters on walls, cigarette filled planter pots and ceiling fan blades with at least a 1/4 inch caking of dust.

Such is the life of having a student rental at the University of Arizona.

I was amazed at the lack of respect these four college age students had for the property.

They cut pieces of the blinds out.

Left trash and about a month’s worth of dog poop in the yard.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

During our infertility experience we encountered a lot of disrespect for the ‘house’ we lived in.

Our walls were splattered with the stories of unplanned pregnancies, unwanted advice, and even impatient admonitions that we were becoming obsessed and needed to ‘stop this thing we were doing before it got out of control.’

While we tried one relaxation technique after another, worked out more, ate better to produce more fertile soil for a potential IVF baby to enter our world, it seemed that chain smoking, heavy drinking, stressed out acquaintances were sending out birth announcements every other week.

I guess there are just some people who don’t have respect for anything that belongs to anyone else, be it a rental property or a vision of a biological child through IVF.

I guess I’ll just defer plotting my vengeance against these irresponsible tenants and let karma take its course.

Like Lisa always says, karma is a much bigger bitch than I’ll ever be.