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Going Outside of Your Infertility Comfort Zone

It is very easy to get into a comfort zone, doing the same cycles, over and over, same protocols, same doctor.

Days, months and years can fly by in the blink of any eye because of the discomfort that might be caused by breaking up with your RE.

However, if that comfort zone is still resulting in failed cycles, then it’s time to get uncomfortable again.

Lisa is better at the discomfort thing than me.

I can go a LONG time doing the same thing, even if it’s not yielding the results that I want.

Most of that is because of a fear of failing at the new thing.

Which is ironic because I’m already failing at the old thing.

I’m just more comfortable with the old failing thing.

Lisa has never been afraid of failure.

In fact, I swear she operates from a place of accelerating the pace of failures so she gets to her successes faster.

I’m learning that now in other parts of my life.

So if you’ve gotten comfortable with the ‘old failure’ stuff, then it’s time to get uncomfortable.

Try a consult with a new doc.

Go to an adoption class, even if you aren’t sure you want to adopt.

Dive into whatever it is that makes you feel the most uncomfortable.

The most uncomfortable thing for me was getting on a plane for a consult thousands of miles from home after 9/11 for a last no holds barred effort to get our soul baby.

I was uncomfortable the entire 21 or so days were were there when we came back a few months later to pursue the IVF.

I was really uncomfortable when the fresh IVF failed.

And we had to go back again in the thick of January winter in New Jersey.

But the discomfort paid off.

Don’t be afraid to outside that comfort zone.

Something great could be waiting outside of its boundaries.