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Return Of An Unwelcome Cousin of Aunt Flo

It was like a flashback from nearly 15 years ago.

I get a call from Lisa’s cell phone.

I say “Hey Beautiful”.

Then I hear another woman’s voice.

“Um, well thanks, but this isn’t Lisa.”

Turns out Lisa at that moment was on the floor, throwing up, and writhing in pain from a sudden sharp pain in the area of her left ovary that rendered her unable to walk, or to speak on the phone.

The woman on the line was her best friend Krissey. Like a guardian angel, she happened to show up at the gym Lisa was working out at, and ended up being the one who took her home.

Fifteen years ago, similar pain and bleeding sent us to the emergency room, where a staff of hapless interns and residents flailed around misdiagnosing Lisa with everything from MS to bladder failure, before somebody finally called our RE who said it was just a burst ovarian cyst and she’d be fine with a day or two of rest and some Advil.

No way in hell was I about to take Lisa to a hospital.

The two days we spent there fifteen years ago taught me how ill equipped most ERs are to deal with things are related to women’s fertility.

Lisa was walking like a drunkard most of the afternoon, and I could tell her abdomen was tender.

The reason we knew it was a cyst, is because Lisa had that old familiar feeling a few weeks ago, and paid a visit to our RE’s office. He noticed the cyst right away.

Funny how the circle of life keeps leading us back our infertility no matter how far away we think we might be from it.

The RE even thought it could be supporting something.

Alas, it was not.

Another visit from that cruel bitchy relative of Aunt Flo–Cousin Ovarian Cyst.

My apologies to the Resolve support group members for the sudden cancellation of tonight’s meeting.  This completely caught us by surprise, but given that Lisa couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and was bleeding heavily for about two hours, our RE had me on standby to head in if things didn’t improve pretty quickly after a few hours of rest and some Advil.

Although Lisa is doing better, she is still bleeding.


So we do need to keep an eye on that, and she is definitely still the most stable in a horizontal position right now.

I am fighting back some sadness that yet another corpus luteum sighting was not an invitation into the magical post infertility conception club.

Nope, just a visit from another unwelcome female cousin Eddie of the infertility world.