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The Strength To Say No


Being focused on a goal requires the strength to say no.

The bigger the goal, the more commitment to being careful with what you say yes to.

Emotional energy can’t be expended saying yes to things that drain your energy or use up time you don’t have.

This is especially true in infertility.

That friend that has gotten used to you watching her toddler may have s tough time when you say no after that BFN phone call comes.

That big family birthday party with a roomful of newborns may require a no this year…especially if this is your third or fourth year of parties that feauture new additions from everybody in the family but you.

It’s hard to say no if you’ve been the kind of person who always likes to be there for everyone else.

Being a ‘s man’ and ignoring those instincts to say no resulted in passive aggressive resentment for me.

I was saying yes when my heart was saying hell no.

I felt bad at first saying no.

Even selfish.

Even bought into the idea that I was getting too obsessed with infertility

The funny thing is everyone eventually adapted to the nos.

I realized there was nothing wrong with saying no to things that would make it harder than it already was for us to keep at our parenthood pursuits.

The stuff I was saying no to wasn’t life or death.

Birthday parties, baby showers, unsafe idiot factor filled get-togethers, and holidays could survive my absence for awhile.

If yes is feeling uncomfortable and weakening your spirit, then start flexing your ‘no’ muscle.