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I Got Nothin…..

Sitting here staring at a blinking cursor I realize I’ve got nothing.

Not that it’s all been said.

My brain is just fried.

Juggling so many balls, timelines, deadlines, guidelines has rendered me blocked.

I can feel stuff percolating under the surface.

But things are just too damn crazy right now.

Whatever happened to Christmas vacation?

I remember as a kid looking forward to it, waiting for the eventual look of resignation on my teacher’s face knowing she was as ready for break to start as I was.

Then the bell would ring, and a blissful couple of weeks filled with visions of Christmas morning and no school would fill my head.

It was never really about how much stuff I got that was the draw for me at Christmas.

It was just the being home, hanging out with everybody, snuggling on the couch, or playing outside in air that was actually in the (brrrrrrr) 60s in the coldest days of winter.

I also liked seeing family and friends we hadn’t seen.  The chain smoking uncle who knew everything about nothing, the aunt who always pinched your cheeks and called you Tweety, the cousins who you actually had fun with even though you only saw them once or twice a year.

The crazy stressed out Christmas parties we had at our house bring back good memories too.

We were always relegated to the kids room where prepubescent crushes would begin and end in a matter of hours, never to be followed up on again.

Maybe the magic of seeing each other all dressed up in our Christmas best wore off once we saw each other in the hallway in our standard school garb.

I don’t know.

But I kind of miss those days.

And what started out as nothing at the beginning of this post, has remarkably turned into a pleasant trip down a lane of memories I haven’t visited in a long time.