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The Importance of Infertility Focus

One thing you can’t be when going through infertility is unfocused.

If you are all over the place–pondering adoption, while doing an IUI while wondering about success rates for IVF, you will overwhelm and burn yourself out very quickly.

The urgency of wanting to do SOMETHING and cover as many bases as possible is so tempting.

We had many times when a failure set us on frenzied search for answers.

I was always looking for something that would be evidence that treatment was not needed, while Lisa explored every possible detail of our case to see if there was something we had missed.

Either way, it was focus that ultimately got us where we wanted to be.

Focus on our issues and what clinics offered the best research, treatment, protocols and success rates for our combination of known and unknown problems.

Focus on a plan to financially afford it, and focus on not wavering from that plan no matter how difficult or challenging it looked.

It’s like that old Zig Ziglar focus quote.

You use a magnifying glass and move it around a lot over a pile of paper and you won’t even draw a spark.

Keep that magnifying glass still, and focus the beam of sunlight on that pile of paper, and you’ll start a rip roaring fire.


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