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Ring The Doorbell First

Sometimes people want so bad to help you feel better they come barging into your life when you really need some time to process what you are going through.

This doesn’t just apply to people who have a cycle go bad.

You might need to process the news that something has gone right.

When this happens, you don’t want anyone to jinx it by wandering off on some story with an unhappy ending that you just don’t need to hear right now.

I remember early in the first couple of months after our first full on high beta being irritated with people that would ask ‘so how does this compare to the other times you were pregnant?’

AAAAAHHHHHGGHHH  SHUT UP is what I wanted to scream.

Instead I prayed for the courage not slap the person silly and found a quick exit from the conversation.

I guess my advice to anyone wanting to provide support to an infertile friend is this: ring the doorbell first.

You don’t just come barging through someone’s door announcing you’re there.

Ring the doorbell first.

If nobody answers, it’s one of two things.

There’s nobody home.

Or there’s somebody home, but right now they don’t want any visitors.