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Infertility Tax Credit: Imagination to Reality

Imagine if a man or woman facing cancer could ease the burden of their treatment and its effects on fertility by being able to have some of the cost of preserving their fertility covered by a tax credit.

Imagine the look of relief on the faces of millions of couples (and constituents) facing infertility when they find out their Senator or Representative helped pass The Family Act bill to give them a tax credit towards the cost of medications, professional charges, the transfer of embryos or other necessary costs to build a family with medical assistance.

There are no grey areas on this topic.

If this country truly values the family, then there should be no argument about the value of providing a little financial help to couples diagnosed with the disability of infertility.

We have spent so much time the past couple of years focused on providing tax credits to help the ailing housing industry.

To stimulate the ailing auto industry.

The benefits of those incentives came and went very quickly.

The benefits of parenthood last a lifetime.

It’s time to stop imagining.

Make The Family Act a reality this year.