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Dynamic Infertility Conquering Duo

Working out next to Lisa today at yet another muscle numbing but but adrenalin filled brain clearing metabolic meltdown class, I remember how much I love being a teammate with her.

We transformed into an infertility conquering dynamic duo before the last IVf in New Jersey.

I would love to say I was Batman but I have to give that  role to Lisa because she was definitely the brains and primary driving force, heroically braving infertility dangers to save our vision of a biological baby world.

I was Robin (sans the tights) supporting all of her dynamic missions and every once in a while saving her from an unexpected attack from some insensitive Joker who would make light of our efforts or the infertility version of Two Face: infertility staff who one day were all helpy but the next day rude and impatient.

We learned from failed missions and were there to rescue each other when it looked like the bad guys in the form of the evil BFN underworld that constantly sent dark shadowy figures would finally crush our hope.

Occasionally we retreated to the safety of the Bat cave to work on a new plan, research new gadgets to make sure the plan was effective, and weigh the odds of success of formidable and unpredictable enemies.

Ultimately, we came back swinging.





The dynamic duo, with unrelenting battle against the dark forces of infertility prevailed.

Now we have completed our mission by becoming the terrific trio, with the addition of  formerly frozen Bat girl.

But we still seek out opportunities to fight crimes of insensitivity and ignorance against the fertility challenged aspiring parents of Gotham and the rest of the world.

Just put up the bat signal if you need us.