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Thin Clouds, Light Rain, Cleansed Soul

I needed to go for a jog tonight.

Clear my head from yet another George Bayley-esque banner day in the old home loan business.

I found myself replaying the events, yearning for something to take my mind off things that are in the past, and which no amount of rewinding is going to change at this point.

The cooling fall-ish air made me turn my head up to a thin layer of clouds making a ghostly trail across the sky.

Then I felt them.

A few raindrops.

Then a steady drizzle.

It made me smile.

Each drop washed away layers of frustration, anger, disappointment and worry on a day that had pretty much gone all wrong.

An unexpected pleasant surprise.

The funny thing is I was listening to a podcast of Joyce Meyer talking about how to keep your joy no matter what is going on in your life.

I guess sometimes I forget those lessons I learned during infertility.

The need to find joy in the little things, so you can handle the big things.

If you’re in that funky place where the film of infertility frustration is coating your soul, take a step out into the fall air.

Maybe a sprinkle of fall rain will help wash that film off, and leave you with a cleansed, refreshed soul.