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Infertility Movie Review: August Rush


AUGUSTRUSHToday’s movie review is based on a movie that is not about infertility but for me  has the heart and soul of the journey to find a biological child.

I will be honest: this movie has a Hollywood one night stand conception scene that is difficult to stomach especially if you are fresh off a failed cycle.

BUT, the unexpected way the story progresses to the mom and dad and child finally seeing each other for the first time is absolutely beautiful.  To this day I am drawn back to the day Lisa saw Elliana for the first time whenever I watch the movie.

Kerri Russell plays Lyla, an awkward Julliard trained cello player who meets the rock star musical genius of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character Louis on the rooftop outside a party.

They wake up the next morning and are planning to meet again when Lyla’s controlling father ends the relationship with the slam of a limo door.

Next we meet the product of that one night stand struggling with bullies at a foster home.

Despite the abuse of the other kids, Evan insists that the music will lead him to find his parents.

This is where the magic begins.

Looking back on our six year journey there were little magical hints along the way that I realize now were leading us to Elliana.  Moments when a twist or turn or disappointment was actually redirecting us to the place where we would all eventually meet each other in some harmonic convergence of love.

Lyla has no idea her baby survived until her dad confesses on his deathbed that her baby didn’t die in childbirth after a car accident 11 years before.

Louis is haunted by the memory of the girl that got away and after quitting music for awhile he finds himself lost in a life that doesn’t fit him.

The magic of their combined musical genius and intense desire to find each other is woven together in a series of events that bring them so close but not close enough to a reunion.

Robin Williams plays a neurotic street level music director the kids call “The Wizard” and takes Evan under his wing to help him hone his skills so he can let the music take him to his parents.

The pace is perfect as the music in each of their hearts finally brings them together, and Evan’s song draws his parents closer to each other and to him.

That emotional draw reminded me so much of the emotional pull of wanting to have a child that was at work during infertility as we were doing everything we could to find our way to her.

This movie made me wonder if Elliana was searching for us too in a universe that was waiting for the perfect melody to bring us all together.


If you can get past the way Evan arrived on the scene, the journey  that brings Lyla, Louis and Evan together will resonate with the spirit of anyone who has yearned to find the child they know is out there, but that they just haven’t found yet.




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