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Positive Motivations For A Great Infertility Consult

Today I am going to have a great infertility consult.

I am calm and focused.

This is taking me one step closer to my baby.

I have researched the doctor, I know his/her success rates, and I know what age groups and issues he/she specializes in.

I have prepared questions, and I will not leave the room until I have asked them all.

I will not be afraid to ask personal questions like ‘will this hurt” , ‘are there any complications I might run into’,  ‘are there any costs that are not part of your package for this cycle?’

I will be respectful, but assertive when I ask questions.

If I don’t feel like my question has been answered, I will ask it again, or ask for clarification.

I will not tolerate rudeness, but will not be rude back if I encounter it.

I will breathe in peace, and breathe out negativity, confusion, anger and fear.

I will leave this consult confident that this doctor will provide me with the best opportunity to achieve my parenthood goals.

Or I will leave knowing that I will be finding another infertility specialist to have a consult with.