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The Futility of Blame

Watching all the talking heads amid the third day of the government shut down has just reminded me how pointless blame is.

Blame is simply a display of weakness that says ‘yeah, I really can’t 100% support my case for what I believe, or I’m not willing to consider an opinion other than my own, or I don’t even want to consider an opinion other than my own.’

It is so easy to blame during infertility.

Blame the drugs for not getting all the follicles you wanted.

Blame the clomid for not increasing your count, motility, morphology.

Blame the phlebotomist for not getting the draw on the first stick.

Blame the RE for the cycle not working.

Yeah, it feels good.

But it is as pointless as the South Park award winning anthem that so deftly portrayed the dangerous path we can go down when blame goes too far; Blame Canada.

Nothing can get accomplished when the blame game starts.

It’s verbal toxic waste.

But everybody wants to join in once it gets going.

In the meantime, nothing gets done, because it’s hard to take action, when you have given your power over to the blame game master.

Well, I can’t change anything because (fill in the blame topic here).

People disagree.

Shit happens.

And we can either work on changing things, finding middle grounds, or coming to terms with how things just suck or don’t work out, or we can go over to the bickering dark side like Cartman’s mom did, and engage in World War III because blaming gets us all so charged up.

I choose not to play.

It’s a game no one wins.