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From BFN to ESP–Why I’m So Proud of My Lisa

Lisa had a weigh in today with her trainer, in her ongoing fitness transformation.

It gave me flash backs of when she developed her fear of pregnancy tests.

The scale has become her new EPT.

Its unforgiving black numbers threatened to shatter the new image she sees taking up less space in the mirror.

Is it actually possible that all of those minutes, hours, and days of commitment to clean eating and working out could actually have done nothing?

Illogical, for sure.

I believe this is collateral damage from years of enduring 45 days of IVF cycle hell x 5 IVFs when for all practical purposes all those minutes, hours and days of efforts resulted in a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.

Getting on that scale was like peeing on one of those sticks again.

I don’t know how many times she would try to sneak a peak at the outcome of our infertility efforts by taking a home test.

We never had a positive one.  And the follow up beta was never positive either.

Even when we finally did get the beta results with Elliana, Lisa never could bring herself to confirm it with a home test.

She thought it would jinx the whole thing.

I know the same thing must have been running through her head when she stepped on that scale.

The good news is, this time, Lisa got an ESP: Even Skinnier Positive.

And I couldn’t be more proud of my beautiful wife than I am today.

That scale’s got nothing on her anymore.

The curse of the BFN has been broken.