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A Good Night’s Sleep

I feel tired today.

Maybe it was being up at 6am to go pick up our organic fruit box so we can cut the costs of having a healthy eating lifestyle.

Or the shoulder pain searing, ab ripping ass kicking I got at our Saturday work out at Psychosomatic.

The meltdown at the office over the challenges of a 5th grade science project and a hellish pre-Nutcracker and competition and dance schedule.

It is so easy to want to make decisions that you’ve had enough.

Something’s gotta give.

You need to cut back.

Ease up.

Maybe even just quit.

I learned during our infertility days, those are the days you call it a night.

Accept that no rationale decision can be made when you’re too tired to process anything in your brain.

Accept that the pain in your body, soul, spirit can only be healed with some rejuvenating rest.

So rather than making any big changes to what we’re doing, I’m just gonna say uncle to this day.

Shut down the merry go round in my brain.

Maybe even get out one of those relaxation tapes that I still use from our infertility days when perspective is short and troubles seem long.

A good night’s sleep can do wonders.

And with that, I bid you good night.