You’ll Be Able To Get Through Anything

One thing I learned from infertility, is that if you can find your way through it with your soul intact, you won’t believe how strong you’ll be when tough stuff hits you down the road.

There is nothing worse than putting your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears and money into something every 45 days and then have it all come crashing down in one phone call.

Like anything else though, persistence seems to be the thing that gets to that one day that changes it all.

It’s really like everything else, and yet it’s like nothing else.

You don’t suddenly just get that dream job over night.

Lots of effort, and design, and persistence go into finding it, interviewing for it, and then getting that phone call that you got it.

Or maybe it’s that college you wanted to get into, that you studied your ass off to do well on those SATs, or whatever test gets you into the place where higher education takes you to your path.

Or maybe it’s that Broadway audition call back that you worked so hard for, and next thing you know you’re singing for the final cut in part you feel like you were born to play.

All that seems like easy stuff, compared to putting so much effort into working towards a baby when you’re going through infertility.

Getting that phone call that the test was finally positive was like no other phone call I’d ever gotten.

When I am frustrated over the career, business and money stuff, I remember what we overcame to get Elliana and perspective all comes back into focus.

If you get through your infertility journey, you’ll be strong enough to get through anything.


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