You Are Not Alone—You Have a Voice

I can still remember the sense of isolation I felt when we first started infertility.

Since none of our family members had any problems conceiving, I was sure that we must be some freaks of nature that no one else would be able to relate to.

Or maybe God was punishing us for something. Making us pay our dues with an extra long wait to bring a child into the world.

We eventually found an infertility counselor, and that helped a lot. She had gone through infertility issues herself and understood all of the emotional complexities. She understood the language of infertility. But something was still missing.

It really wasn’t until we found a Resolve support group 120 miles from us that we found the warmth of a family of people who could provide us with more than just the tools to endure our journey.

They gave us a new voice, shared their deepest darkest fears during their cycles, and gave us hope as found that like anything in life, persistence pays off.

Now I get to pay it forward in a month.

Everything changed for us when we found Resolve all those years ago, and I know everything is about to change with this trip to DC.

I get the honor of bringing the voice of every support group member I’ve ever met to further the cause of infertility rights for millions of Americans.

Will it be worth it? All I have to do is look at the face of my formerly frozen embryo to know that it is absolutely, 100% for sure worth it.

Can’t wait to get there.

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