Should State Legislatures Get Info About Your Embryos?



Now that I’ve had my first taste of getting into the legislative advocacy side of the infertility world, I keep wondering what I would say if I had the opportunity to testify at a hearing to protest a bill like SB 1376.

I’ve made my opinion and reasons for opposition pretty clear, but I wonder what I would say if I was standing there, and was interrupted by a Senator telling me not to “impose motives” on the authors of the bill, like Senator Barto said to Dr. Larsen.

From what I have read on Resolve, support seems to be growing for bills that ultimately seek to restrict infertility treatments.


As much as I’d like to believe that a bill like this could ever become law, I have to say I am still troubled by how far it got in so little time.

I am wondering what women, or men going through infertility would have to say to these doctors.

What questions they would want to have answered about why the Arizona Senate should have any information about embryos they created with licensed doctors who have extra medical training to assist them in making babies.

Infertility patients already give up a tremendous amount of privacy and intimacy when they go to a clinic to have a doctor help them make a baby.  Shouldn’t these patients have a say about whether they want to add the prying eyes of the Arizona legislature to their efforts?

I’d like your opinion.  Please post your comments on the blog, email me at or on facebook, or reply back, and let me know if you want to be anonymous, or how you’d like to be identified in the responses.

I’d like to craft a response that represents this feedback to protest SB 1376 or any future bill that might come along to restrict IF in the state of Arizona.

My question is this: As infertility patients, do you have any concerns about “what is going on in the IVF lab”, that you think the Arizona legislature needs to know about?

Thanks for your feed back and have a great Saturday!






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