Walking For Hope Again In Arizona

Once again it is time for the Walk of Hope in Arizona.

I have been asked to emcee this event and I am looking forward to being at another event with other couples and infertility professionals creating awareness of the disability of infertility.

I never expected I would be so involved in the infertility world after we had our IVF baby in 2002.

But I still remember how much it helped Lisa and me to hear the stories from infertility veterans during our journey.

Being able to talk to someone about all the major emotional trauma of a bfn after giving 45 days of your life to the nuisance of trying to find a person to draw your blood without fishing for a vein can be incredibly liberating.

The weight of isolation is lifted when you realize you are not alone.

I continue to hope for passage of the family act of 2011 so infertility patients at least get some relief from the high cost of treatment.

It still irks me that under this sweeping healthcare reform infertility was not included.

Infertility is labeled a disability by the Americans With Disabilities Act yet it didn’t pass ‘necessary treatment’ definition.

I can’t help believing that given the right presentation and persistence that a group of senators or congress folk would introduce a bill that pushes for inclusion for some mandatory infertility treatment coverage within the healthcare system.

More than anything I hope to be on Capitol Hill in the near future as a regular representative, lobbyist and advocate for the infertility community.

As a man I believe I was given the gift of infertility because I am supposed to provide my perspective to help shape arguments that will lead to healthcare reform and legislation that helps infertile couples.

Yes, I called infertility a gift.

It changed my life forever.

My daughter is the center of our universe.

But she is also a reminder.

A reminder that with faith persistence and hope the impossible become possible.

But you will need help.

The Walk of Hope shows you just how many people there are to help you.

Hundreds of walkers will be there.

Dozens of infertility professionals will be there.

You’ll know you are not alone.

And that you will persevere.

Look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!


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