Twenty-Three Years Of Blessings With My Soulmate

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.

How many can say they have a true partner, friend and lover, that they can count on good times and bad?

How many can say their love is even stronger for all they’ve been through together?

Only a lucky few.

These words are from the cards Lisa and I bought each other in honor of our 23rd wedding anniversary.

Another milestone that reminds me of how fast the seconds are flying by.

And how blessed so many of those seconds have been.

Even the seconds when we cried, fought, and feared we have been blessed.

Blessed that we’ve learned how to dry each others tears, or hold them until they were all cried out.

Blessed that we’ve learned how to fight for what we believe, say I’m sorry when the words got too angry,  and enjoy the passion of making up.

Blessed that we can hear the doubt in each others’ voices when a cloud threatens to cover the light of our vision for our futures, and with one whisper of love we can lift each other up above the cloud cover to see that yes, the sun is still shining.

Our biggest accomplishment together, brought into this world after so many thousands of days of tears, fights and fears made us breakfast in bed today.

Even wrote a little book about her 10 1/2 year view of how she sees us together.

Another blessing that keeps us providing us with proof of the power of love and looking in the same direction together.

I love you Lisa.

Happy Anniversary


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