The Power of Hormones

As I watch the effects of the medication our old infertility doctor gave Lisa to shrink that persistent ovarian cyst, I’m reminded of the power of hormones.

As her estrogen and progesterone levels try to find a natural balance, I see the many personalities of my lovely wife come and go minute by minute, hour by hour.

So often I stupidly tried to speak rationally during moments when Lisa was full of heavy doses of one hormone or another.

Very unwise.

Arguing is the most pointless.

Most guys who have been in the infertility game for more than a couple of years have learned the difference between hormone induced schizophrenia and the normal ‘you’re a pain in the ass’ husband stuff that we usually get.

Lay low.

Be helpful.

Look for anything sharp in the vicinity of where you are.

But most of all, don’t expect things to make any sense.

Your loving words may sound like cursing to your loved one.

Your empathetic gesture to help may be seen as an affront to her sense of competency and independence.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Because until that chemical shit storm of hormones balances out, everything’s gonna be a little uncomfortable.

Take it like a man.

But be sensitive like a woman.

Who is not under the influence of a hormone cocktail.

Yeah .

I’m gonna get my ass kicked when she reads this one.



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  1. I know about this issue all too well. With respect to IF, oddly, it is I (a man) who have had the hormone problems. On clomid, I have been more emotional. The emotions have sometimes gotten the best of me. To say the least, it was an interesting week and I finally had to call my doctor to let him know what was happening to me. My doctor and he put me on another medication to offset the emotional side effects of clomid.

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