The Only One I Didn’t Have To Take Anything Off Of


Today didn’t exactly go the way I’d planned.

But I’ve decided not to focus on the things that didn’t go my way, and focus on some good news.

At my annual dermatologist check up today, I had nothing for the doc to ‘take off.’

In fact, she told me I was the only one in her office that day who had nothing for her to remove.

That’s a good thing considering what she is usually ‘taking off’ are pre-cancerous skin growths, or in some cases, ones that are cancerous.

It put my day in perspective pretty quickly.

There were very likely a number people whose visit to the very office I was in was a life or death day.

I wasn’t one of them, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

Infertility often skewed my perspective about what was life or death.

Yes, a failed cycle was the loss of potential life.

A miscarriage was the loss of early life.

In those silent moments, as I watched Lisa fall asleep after crying over one of those losses, I was grateful that we still had each other.

Small comfort perhaps when the effort was at the time so focused on making three of us.

But something to be grateful for nonetheless.





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