The Dirty Work Is Done, This Day Is Over

Sometimes that just sums it up doesn’t it?

I cleaned up the mounds of dog crap in the yard of the rental property.

Dumped out brownish black carpet cleaner water and mop water.

Raked up the debris of God knows how many college parties worth of beer bottles, beer cans, cigarette butts, and every fast food you’d find on a nearby Circle K’s shelves.

Now the day is over, and I can move on to getting the place rented.

It’s kind of like the dirty work we have to do to get to transfer day with an IVF

Get the drugs, give the shots, get the blood work, do the ultrasounds, adjust the meds along the way, hit the trigger shot, provide the sample, retrieve the eggs, and then hope to God you get enough for the fresh IVF and some extra to freeze.

The dirty work is done.

This day is over.

And then you wait.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday!




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