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A Prayer For The Almost A Mother

By the 3rd year of our infertility without success I began to dread holidays.

Especially Mother’s Day.

For some reason, all these years later, today I was inspired to write “A Prayer For The Almost A Mother.”  I remember thinking all these things and sometimes said them to Lisa in hopes it would keep her from hitting new lows right before the first light of another “M” Day revealed yet another childless year.

I’ve compiled all of those thoughts into a prayer that I wish I would have said to her back then.

Faith is believing even when you haven’t seen

I’ve seen the way your eyes can feed the soul of another person.

I’ve seen the comfort you give to a distressed spirit in need of hope.

I’ve seen the way you can grow a brave smile into a laugh in ground choked by tears and fears.

I see arms ready to cradle.

Lips ready to whisper lullabies.

Eyes ready to be filled with the reflection of a tiny familiar face.

I pray the love you have brought into my life will be returned a hundred fold when we finally see this dream come true somehow, some way, some day.

I pray your time is coming.

I pray our time is coming.

Keep the faith.  I am beside you every time we take another leap of faith.

Happy Almost A Mother’s Day.