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Little Things, Big Memories

Another magical evening tonight with our amazing IVF daughter giving us one of those educational heartstring pulling moments.

Lisa and I happened to both be at Elliana’s dance practice tonight.

Lately we’re ships that pass in the night, Lisa dropping off, me picking up and then a quick kiss goodnight.

Lisa was still there when I got there, and we hung out in the car talking until Elliana got out.

Then I did something incredibly uncharacteristic of me on a school night.

Since we hadn’t had dinner, I suggested we hit Coco’s.

Granted, we’d have to modify our dinner orders to make them reasonably healthy, but you would have thought I told Elliana she was getting a brand new ipad.

We sat around the mostly empty dining room, laughing about how weird it was to be there together.

Lisa told me later the whole way home, that Elliana was so happy that I was being fun daddy again and that it was my idea for us to go out.

She told Lisa our family is getting ‘what we always wanted.’

Who would have thought that a simple dinner moment could be the catalyst for a statement of total self-fulfillment from an 11 year old?

In a world where she’s bombarded by ‘gotta have it stuff’, she characterizes a dinner at a diner on a school night as getting what we always wanted.

I think I must finally be doing something right.

Little things = big memories.