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I Think We Are Really Infertile!

It was funny hearing Lisa recount her recent meeting with our old infertility doctor at tonight’s support group.

She was talking to him about how after sixteen years of unprotected sex we STILL have never gotten pregnant.

She described how she looked at him in seriousness and said:

“You know, I am beginning to think we are really infertile!”

As the other attendees laughed, I realized we are still in a bit of disbelief that we are infertile.

You’d think with our daily IVF daughter reminder now for 11 years we’d have forgotten that.

But everybody else still seems to get pregnant.

Or I mean everyone else who isn’t really trying, or didn’t mean to try, or got drunk one night and forgot to pop the pill…you know the same stories that infuriated and made us feel like fertility lepers all those years ago come screaming back into our lives.

And we feel infertile again.

Because we are.

I know that if you are in bad place right now you are saying STFU, Denny.

You’ve got your kid.

Quit your bitching.

Lisa and I felt the same way every time somebody mentioned this same topic when we were still trying to get past primary infertility.

The thing is though, we have a lot of infertility friends who got their ‘whoops’ later too.

Not us.

We don’t get the ‘whoops’ experience, apparently.

Which is okay.

We are thrilled to have our IVF baby and she has filled the parenthood void to its brim.

But no matter how you slice it, when push comes to fertility shove, we know one thing for sure.

We really are infertile.