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I’ll Be Back-If Arizona SB 1376 Grows Legs Again


The past couple of weeks have been incredibly educational for me.

I have learned about the process of how a bill moves through the Senate, how to speak to Senate office assistants, and stay up to date on where things stand on the movement of a bill, not to mention how fast these things can suddenly pop up without anyone knowing.

Thankfully Resolve stays on top of these things, and has created an awareness in me to be vigilant and ready to act if this bill begins to grow legs again.

It also reminded me of how important it is to take a stand.

During our infertility journey I often pondered the role that I would, or could play as Lisa went through cycle after cycle.

If you’ve read this blog at all, or read the book, you know that I believe that the DHs can play the role of bodyguard to help with the insurance craziness, the billing confusion, the discomforts of hormone shots, extra house work and maybe cooking a meal or two during a cycle.  Guys can be the exit strategists at events where emotional landmines are the most prevalent like birthdays, baby showers, holiday get togethers to help avoid the spiritual damage these kid filled events can do to a baby seeking woman’s soul.

I would add “battle against anti-family-building” legislation, or mindsets to that list.

I am shocked at how myopic the concerns are that appear to have motivated the crafting of the Center for Arizona Policy’s executive summary on SB 1376, and disappointed that a party that often labels itself as compassionately conservative doesn’t see the damage it is doing to a potential relationship with a very “pro-family” population of Arizona residents.

Couples already fighting their own battles to have a child through infertility treatments shouldn’t have to worry about whether their doctor is going to be delaying a cycle to comply with some vague reporting procedure that already duplicates reporting done at the national level, without doing so with a threat of criminal punishment!

I’ll be watching this very closely, plan to continue a regular schedule of “No” vote emails to the sponsoring Senators, and will  keep everyone posted if this bill comes back to life.

And if it does–I’LL BE BACK, to make sure this bill is terminated (sorry–I’m in an Arnold kind of mood today).