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A Resurrection Infertility Prayer


Risen Lord, be our resurrection and life.

Be the resurrection of hope for couples still seeking the miracle of a child in their life.

Be the resurrection of new options and paths to success when treatments haven’t worked.

Be the resurrection of resources to pay for infertility treatments when insurance coverage doesn’t provide any financial cushion.

Be the resurrection of light and renewed strength in hearts that have been darkened by days, months, and years of disappointment when infertility cycles have not worked.

Be the resurrection of empathy for those who have said insensitive things to couples going through infertility, and help them to know what to say, or perhaps to simply give a hug, wipe a tear, and say nothing at all.

Be the resurrection of awareness among people that infertility is a disease, and that every person has the right to have a disease cured.

Be the resurrection of open mindedness for those that would seek to restrict family building options for couples so passionate to bring a child in to their loving hearts, under the roof of a loving home.

Be the resurrection of peace for those hearts that are in a place where they simply can’t be out in a world so filled with reminders of what it is they so desperately want, but that seems so far away.

Be the resurrection of recovery for those grieving a negative pregnancy test, a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage, or simply the loss of their vision of how they imagined having a baby would be.

Be the resurrection of faith that a positive pregnancy test, a full term pregnancy, and a healthy birth is still in the future.


Have a blessed Easter.